Our company

The Controrg Mérnökiroda Kft. was founded in 1983. Our main profiles are the product automation and process automation primarily in explosion hazardous industrial areas.

Technical engineering activities

  • 1990: official partnership and distribution deal with the following partners: ABB, ENRAF, MTL, LAND, BECKHOFF, DET-TRONICS, KIDDE, Fireye
  • from 1995: „Turn key” projects in tank farms (MOL)
  • R&D activity in SW technology
  • 2004: „Turn key” projects with the University of Pannonia
  • ATEX 137 (Risk analysis of employees in ex areas)
  • R&D activity on the field of chemistry and oil industry with the Pannon University

Software engineering activities

  • 1995: Foundation of BARENG Kft.
  • 1995: MOL Tank farm accounting system (TIS)
  • 1995: HIMA (Safety PLCs) official distributor
  • 1996: First ESD project TVK (Ethilen I. plant)
  • 1996: GE SIS (GE Statistic Information System) production evaluation system for the lighting production
  • 2000: TIS 2000 Tank farm accounting system upgrade
  • 2001: MOL. TIFO, combinated plant PLANAR system
  • 2003: „Turn key” HIMA ESD in MOL, DUFI GOK3 (>2000 IO)
  • 2003: starting support to MOL, H2 plant ESD system
  • 2003: starting support to TVK, Ethilen II plant ESD system (>2000 IO)
  • ESD systems in power plants (Kelenföld, Debrecen)

Process safety activities

  • SIL4S Kft was founded in 2004
  • 4 TÜV FS Safety Engineer in 2005
  • First safety validation in 2005 at Slovnaft Refinery, Pozsony
  • 2006: Training programs in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • 2006: University of Pannonia, Veszprém : Accredited post graduate engineer training
  • 2006: The beginning of the HAZOP software developing →Tool4S
  • 2008: First web base HAZOP software - LOPA integrated SW
  • 2009: First TÜV Functional Safety Expert in Hungary

More information about the SIL4S Kft. - http://www.sil4s.hu

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