Industrial PCs, embedded PCs, drives, servo motors, PLCs, bus couplers and IO modules for the factory automation and simple process control tasks
Wide range of the Hi-Tech HMI terminals from the simple dot matrix panels upto industrial PCs with high resolution touch screen operating interfaces
Flame and gas detectors, monitoring systems for applications in explosion hazardous industrial areas
Flame safety and burner management for industrial applications in normal and explosion hazardous areas
High precision level gauging of different fire and explosion hazardous liquids and tank inventory systems, approved by W&M and Customs authorities
Intrinsically safe wireless IT and communication solutions
Explosion proof workstations, field PC terminals and panel PC with enclosures, which meets with the prescriptions of the clean room applications
Safety controllers, certified by TÜV
Temperature transmitters and displays
Portable and fixed infrared thermometers, industrial thermal imagers and special non-contact temperature measurement applications
Manual call points, heat detectors, strobes, horns, loudspeakers for extreme industrial environments (Explosion hazard, heavy duty applications)
Intrinsically safe isolators, barriers, indicators and field IO systems, Fieldbus solutions and surge protection
On-line and benchtop NIR analysers for water, fat and protein measurement of different materials. RF sensors for water measurement of flat boards
This is a multi-layer safety system, which could be upgraded by different SW modules. It provides encrypting functions for the industrial networks, supervises the data communication and has a detection function, which reports the events to the central supervisor station