Honeywell ENRAF - Tank level measurement

Enraf tanksystem

Honeywell Enraf designs, produces, commissions, services and maintains precise instruments for all tanks - large and small, heated and refrigerated, spherical and cylindrical, fixed and floating roof, above and underground, used for crude products and chemicals and in the Middle East and the Arctic.

With expertise of more than 50 years, Honeywell Enraf has provided consistently excellent solutions for bulk storage tank gauging. It has gained a worldwide reputation for its precise, safe and reliable tank gauging equipment for obtaining product level and level alarms, average temperature and density, temperature and density profiles, and pressure and water interface.

Powerful data acquisition software enables real-time monitoring of inventory data, allowing safe tank operations and precise product transfers.

Honeywell offers training courses that include best practices to implement, maintain, and optimize the Enraf system.

Honeywell Enraf provides an integrated solution to meet all terminal management needs, however large or small.

Honeywell Enraf provides an integrated solution that delivers value from conception to implementation for all types of distribution and bulk terminals, such as refinery off-sites, biofuel storage and distribution, petrochemical storage and loading facilities, and marine, rail and truck loading terminals. Honeywell Enraf’s solutions are totally integrated and scalable, so whether you are building a new facility, or expanding or upgrading an existing one, Honeywell Enraf can help reduce overall project risk, accelerate production schedules and improve your business performance through solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency.

The process of installation

       Before installation

       At time of installation

       After installation

  • Site survey
  • Consulting
  • Project planning
  • Functional design specification
  • Product selection
  • Hardware and software supply
  • Supervision of installation
  • Specific application development
  • System configuration and integration
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance testing
  • Training
  • Systems optimization
  • Remote and onsite service programs, extended warranty, help desk and emergency support

Outstanding Service and Maintenance

In the development of Entis, specific attention was paid to service and maintenance of both the system itself and the associated gauges to lower the total cost of ownership. The open and modular system structure not only contributes towards simplification of maintenance but it also guarantees rapid and problem-free upgrading of the Entis system components. Moreover, integration of additional instrumentation can be performed at any time. System extensions involving new or existing instrumentation can be scheduled to coincide with software updates, thereby avoiding unnecessary cost. Furthermore, the standardized and open data and interfaces facilitate integration with other systems.

Customer-Specific Functions

The standard monitoring systems based on Entis provide several levels of functionality to cover almost any requirement. In some cases additional functions may be required to cover specific needs. In order to allow the extension of the monitoring systems software the architecture has been set up in a modular way, providing the ability to reuse standard functions and reducing the extra costs for developing the functionality needed.

Trust Honeywell Enraf with Your Stock Information

From monitoring your oil inventory and operating your terminal to custody transfer and financial reporting, Honeywell Enraf can help maximize results on your investments while reducing costs. Honeywell Enraf offers integrated solutions as well as the required products and systems for terminal inventory management. Based on extensive experience in terminal inventory management Honeywell Enraf can help improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of terminal operations.

     Honeywell Enraf’s terminal inventory management portfolio includes the flexible environment based on the proven Entis inventory system. Customers will have the flexible functionality for tank farms from one single tank to more than 250 tanks, covering multiple locations and a variety of gauges and interfaces. Honeywell Enraf protects your investment while keeping lifecycle costs as low as possible                                                             Customers expect the right type of gauge to precisely meet their needs and have the same expectations for the whole installation, including the network and the monitoring system. Monitoring systems used to be configured as standalone systems being locally manned. Today’s monitoring systems often interface with central management systems to provide actual inventory information enabling centralized planning and scheduling with actual data.

Improve Business Performance

Honeywell Enraf helps customers improve business performance with solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency including inventory systems.


Safety includes the protection of people, assets and inventory data. Entis systems offer overfill protection, leak detection and alarming to mitigate or prevent possible disasters, protecting your people and the environment. Secure inventory data is provided in a convenient orderly way on screen or printed. If the data is used for custody transfer or financial reporting sealing may be required by weights and measures authorities. Several products and Entis components are approved, enabling optional sealing of the installation.


The Entis systems provide accurate and secure inventory data at all times. The system is tested and has been proven in more than 2,000 installations. If the standard reliability is not enough, the availability can be increased by using redundancy. To ensure the reliability of the inventory data the entire Entis system, including network and gauges, can be weights and measures approved.


Efficiency is determined by how the operators use the system and the way the inventory system is maintained throughout its lifecycle. The Entis systems are able to distribute the inventory data throughout your entire site or to your central administration elsewhere. Web-enabled functionality ensures a user-friendly way of operating and retrieving the information, thus increasing the efficiency. With Entis you are able to reduce the cost of manually entered transactions and the cost of training your personnel on complex systems. After setup the configuration and operation can begin. During operation, settings such as alarms can be changed easily. Installation modifications or extensions can be adapted and resealed by authorized Honeywell Enraf personnel for weights and measures approved systems.


Monitoring systems are expected to provide accurate and up to date stock information. By using specific algorithms configured according to the applicable standards, the accuracy of the measured oil stock is of the highest obtainable level. Honeywell Enraf’s terminal inventory management portfolio includes the flexible environment based on the proven Entis inventory system.  Whereas flow measurement provides highly accurate information of a batch, the resulting inventory information is less accurate due to multiple oil movements resulting in uncertainty of flow measurement. When using Honeywell Enraf’s Entis system, the correct tank inventory data is available instantly and accurately.

Weights and Measures Approved

Especially when stock inventory information is used for financial reporting it is possible to get your installation approved by the weights and measures authorities. To get your installation approved the individual parts must be approved after which a combined approval can be issued. Honeywell Enraf can provide the monitoring system as well as the required network interface and gauges to achieve an installation approval.

Integration Capabilities

Honeywell Enraf’s ability to integrate systems for inventory management, blending and movement, terminal inventory, loading and micro-blending reduces the manual transactions between independent systems, and lowers costs significantly. Honeywell Enraf provides the software packages and is able to ensure a high level of integration. Standards such as ODBC, OPC, Modbus and others are supported.

Monitoring Multiple Locations

Today’s terminal operators have tank farms in multiple locations around the globe. Your central office requires an actual overview of the stock inventory of all tank farms. The web-enabled options provide convenient and easy access to this information via the Internet. Security restrictions are considered and adapted to your security policy.



       Basic tasks

      Advanced tasks

       Additional functions

  • Alarms and events
  • Change dimensions
  • Tank view
  • Tank detail
  • Group detail
  • Report printing
  • Alarm and Delta column
  • Group totalizer
  • Manual density entry
  • Profiles
  • Group configuration
  • Task scheduling
  • Real-time trending
  • Back-up scheduling
  • Customized reporting
  • Group gauge commands
  • Host communication
  • Product movements
  • Multi-language
  • Pipeline configuration

Experience and features

Tank Inventory Management
Knowledge and Experience

  • Local support and centralized specialists
  • More than 2,000 installations worldwide
  • Over 50 years experience in tank gauging and inventory management
  • Best-in-class tank management and custody transfer
  • Partnerships with best-in-class product and service suppliers

Benefits of the Entis Terminal
Inventory System

  • Increase operator efficiency with user interfaces presenting the required information in an orderly way, and reducing manual inputs with integrated automated processes
  • Increase safety of people, installation and environment
  • Increase return on investments by reducing installation and maintenance costs and an extended lifecycle program
  • Reduce inventory uncertainties with higher accuracy
  • Reduce product losses with reductions in spills
  • Integration with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) packages is now extremely simple and reliable, offering you a wealth of control possibilities
  • With just one click of the mouse you can receive all the information when you need it

Entis Pro

The modular automation approach to manage your liquid inventory

With over 2,000 installations worldwide and 50 years of tank gauging and inventory management experience, Honeywell Enraf offers unmatched industry expertise and support. As part of Honeywell Enraf’s inventory monitoring solutions, Entis Pro can radically improve tank inventory management.

The modular automation approach to manage your liquid inventory Part of a flexible, layered system architecture, Entis Pro offers a wide range of tasks and modules, as well as an intuitive interface and displays that can be customised to fit the user’s needs. Entis Pro can easily integrate into a plant network and communicate with other systems. Redundancy support can protect data in the event of a network failure.

Entis Pro can help improve safety with a reliable alarm system, leak detection mode and other features that protect people, assets and the environment. Other benefits of the modular Entis Pro system include reduced installation and maintenance costs, higher accuracy to reduce inventory uncertainties, and simple and reliable SCADA integration.


Open Architecture

Entis Pro is a unique tank inventory management system originally developed
for Windows and is available for Windows XP. Entis Pro is the top level of our threelayer (CIU Prime, CIU Plus and Entis Pro) flexible system architecture. Every level covers specific tasks such as scanning, calculations and monitoring, and provides an open interface to communicate with other systems. Entis Pro itself provides connectivity via open database connectivity (ODBC) and object linking and embedding (OLE) to third-party software.


Numerical & Graphical Displays

Both numerical and graphical displays are available. All the data shown in the numerical displays is of high resolution and accuracy. The numerical displays can be customised to suit your particular needs. These displays can be either tank or group related. The graphical displays provide a quick overview of tank status. Several graphical interfaces are also available, and the tank images can be customised per tank, if required.


Intuitive Operation

With Entis Pro there is no need to take time-consuming courses or to read through piles of manuals. Entis Pro has a logical, self-explanatory user interface. A change of color in the tank display immediately informs the operator whether the tank is being filled or emptied. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, the system is highly user-friendly and simple to operate.

Real Time Inventory

Entis Pro is a native multi-tasking Windows application. Data is retrieved via dedicated Communication Interface Units (CIU Prime and CIU Plus) and processed through to the open Entis Pro inventory database. A myriad of different screens are available for inventory management including bar graphs, tabular details, iconized tanks and a whole range of optional modules such as trending, report printing and a tank calculator.

CIU Prime and CIU Plus

The sophisticated and reliable CIU Prime and intelligent CIU Plus provide real-time inventory data. Inherent network segregation risks, common in clientserver applications, are eliminated by high performance data common throughout the network. CIU Prime collects the field data and the CIU Plus calculates the received data for tank volume and mass.



The excellent network facilities of Windows allow you to integrate Entis Pro into your plant’s network. Local and wide-area networking is possible via Ethernet or Tokenring. Use of standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI) makes hardware selection and installation easy and affordable. Even wireless and fiber optic communication can be seamlessly integrated.

Reliable Alarm System

In addition to the alarm contacts in the field instruments, Entis Pro provides an array of programmable alarm set points. Users can create their own alarms for all measured or calculated data in order to make their work easier to plan and safer to schedule. Alarms pop up when they occur. Alarm avalanches, where just one failure leads to an inundation of annoying messages, are prevented to increase operating safety.

Leak Detection

During inactive periods, tanks can be put into a leak detection mode. This leak alarm uses the temperature-corrected volume to make sure that temperature variations do not mislead the system and therefore increase plant safety and reduce operating costs.

Historical Trending

Alarms and acknowledgments, together with all tank information, are recorded and stored for future review and traceability. Operators easily can check tank usage to increase efficiency.

Hot Standby & Redundancy Support

The Entis Pro system can be designed with hot standby and redundancy support for your critical applications. Redundancy support can even cover the unlikely event of a network failure. After a network error occurred the second system will automatically start and take over the lost functionality providing sustained and reliable data to the management system.To ensure integrity of retrieved data and system status during the automatic start, all field instruments are rescanned and data recalculated.

Custody Transfer 

The Entis Pro system has been developed in a modular way. Entis Pro contains the required functionality and is able to provide the required status information to be used in applications for custody transfer. Entis Pro has been approved by official weights and measures authorities to use for accounting and in custody transfer.

Complete inventory management