MEDC - Alarm units, lights, Horns, Speakers


As we are now a part of Eaton Electrical, please note this website has now moved to our website for EATON MEDC products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series portfolio.

Manual call points, heat detectors, strobes, horns, loudspeakers for extreme industrial environments (Explosion hazard, heavy duty applications)

Manual Alarm Call Points

Manual alarm call points are designed
for the purpose of raising an alarm manually once verification of a fire or emergency condition exists, by operating the push button or break glass the alarm signal can be raised.


Status Lights

MEDC offer a range of Status Lights designed for potentially explosive atmospheres and harsh environmental conditions.


Beacon / Strobes

MEDC offer a range of beacons including flashing, steady-state indicators and rotating units.


Sounders / Horns

MEDC Sounders and Horns feature a variety of tone settings, voice messaging or traditional bells.


Combination Units

MEDC combination units are designed
for the purpose of alerting audio and visual awareness to an emergency situation.



MEDC’s range of hazardous, heavy duty, industrial and commercial speakers are designed to meet the requirements for public address, voice alarm (evacuation) and background music.


Detectors, Control & Distribution

Here at MEDC we offer standard and bespoke control and distribution units
for harsh and hazardous areas.


Heavy Duty Industrial & Marine

MEDC offer products suitable for Heavy Duty Industrial and Marine


Oxalis CCTV Camera Stations

Oxalis's range of CCTV Cameras Stations offers both explosion proof and safe area monitoring equipment for use in harsh and demanding environments.


FHF Telephones

MEDC now offers a range of analogue
and VOIP telephones from Funke+
Huster Fernsig.


Sonix PA/GA

Sonix has been designed to provide the most technically comprehensive and secure PA/GA solution available today.