Process sensors - NIR products

Steady growth has allowed Process Sensors Corporation to become the #1 manufacturer in the world of continuous NIR Moisture Transmitters for use on solid materials. The company was founded in 1996 and became a proud member of companies owned by KPM Analytics in early 2016. 



MCT460 NIR Transmitter

Advanced Near Infrared (NIR) In-Process Measurement of Moisture, Oil, Coatings and Thickness

The MCT460 Transmitter is available in Stand Alone Configuration or System Configuration.

The MCT460 Transmitter Stand-Alone design makes multiple measurements and creates analog, digital and bus outputs directly from the Transmitter as it operates on the processing line.

The MCT460 System design uses a proprietary cable to communicate to an Operator Interface, located away from the processing line. All analog, digital and bus outputs are available at the Operator Interface.


MCT460-WP Wood Products Moisture Transmitter

A Robust, Flexible & Accurate Transmitter

The MCT460-WP remains a total hands-off gauge. Upon installation, simply adjust the zero and put the gauge to work! There is no routine maintenance or re-calibration. Calibration check standards are available for confirmation of long term gauge stability.



MCT460-T Tobacco Moisture Transmitter

Reliable, Proven, Flexible Design

The MCT460-T is a true stand-alone NIR Transmitter in a IP67 cast aluminum enclosure. A single, proprietary circuit board drives the measurement along with all analog and digital communication. Includes 4-20 mA, 0-10 volts, RS-232/485 or network interfaces such as Ethernet, Profibus, etc. There is no requirement for any intermediary electronics.

The MCT460-T can be configured to connect directly to an Operator Interface. The Operator Interface will power the MCT 460-T Transmitter. All analog, digital and field bus information is generated by the operator interface.



MCT 466HD Heavy Duty Moisture Gauge for Difficult Processing Environments

Built for difficult processing environments the MCT 466HD NIR Gauge is comprised of a sensor and operator interface combination. Its fundamental function is to provide a reliable and robust measurement in challenging environments.

The MCT466HD is designed for durability: enclosed in stainless steel it is ideal to meet the demands of a difficult processing environment.



MCT466-SF Stainless Steel NIR Moisture Gauge for the Food Industry

A Reliable, Rugged Moisture Gauge System for the Food Industry

Each MCT466-SF moisture gauge system consists of a stainless steel gauge and a stainless steel Operator Interface. The gauge is normally located over a conveying system and is connected by a proprietary heat resistant cable to the Operator Interface. The Operator Interface produces 4-20mA, 0-10 vdc, RS232/485 outputs, along with bus connections such as Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, etc.



MCT466 QuickCheck Rugged NIR Tester for Use at Line

Proven, Reliable Performance

The MCT466 QuikCheck is a reliable and sturdy at-line, NIR Tester for use in harsh manufacturing environments. The MCT466 QuikCheck is routinely used to measure moisture in samples taken from the production line. However, other measurements can be made, including oils, protein, film thickness, coating weights, nicotine and sugars.



GUARDIAN Web Profile Scanning Frame System

The Guardian Scanning Frame System is comprised of three components.
• MCT-460 NIR Transmitter
• Automated Scanning Frame
• PC with Automated Guardian Profile Software

The MCT 460 NIR sensor is mounted on the scanner and is programmed to move continuously across the web.. Both the scanner and the MCT 460 communicate directly with the Guardian Profile Software.