Tofino - Industrial Security

Traditional firewalls are not designed for control systems or industrial threats, putting utilities essential to our way of life at risk.

Each year, the damage to critical infrastructure from network incidents and cyber attacks is measured in the billions of dollars.

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution goes beyond traditional firewall security by providing tailored protection for zones of devices - Zone Level Security™. Tofino is designed with the rugged environment, staff skills and needs of industry in mind, and is installed and implemented without plant downtime.

Developed by industrial security experts, certified to numerous standards, and available from Tofino Security or as part of systems offered by Hirschmann, Honeywell, Invensys and MTL Instruments, Tofino is changing the landscape of industrial security.


Tofino Security Appliance


Tofino Configurator


Loadable Security Modules

A versatile, extremely ruggedized device that ensures maximum data protection
for production systems

  • Pre-emptive threat detection
  • Threat termination
  • Threat reporting

Coordinates security management

  • Configure and manage your Tofino Security Appliances
  • Create, edit, and test your configuration
  • Enable coordinated, system-wide threat response

The Tofino Industrial Security Solution was designed from the ground up to be adaptable to your needs, based on a software-defined flexible architecture. Rather than hard-coding a fixed set of security features, the Tofino Industrial Security Solution packages each individual security function in a firmware module called a  Loadable Security Module (LSM).

Tofino SCADA Security Simulator


Legacy Products and Resources


A Complete SCADA System in a Portable Package

The Tofino SCADA Security Simulator is no longer available for ordering.


We are constantly striving to improve on our innovatve technology while finding ways to make our products easier to use. As a result, products are phased out as newer and improved products become available.