HIMA - Safety PLC

HIMA. Safety. Nonstop.

It’s a philosophy 100 years in the making. It’s built on HIMA’s singular focus on safety and is proven by decades
of technology breakthroughs. It represents our commitment to providing maximum safety and uninterrupted plant operations. Our goal isn’t just to
design the world’s best safety systems. It’s to help keep your business safe and running. No shutdowns. No failures. Maximum uptime. Maximum profitability.

To many companies around the world, HIMA is the first port of call for safety-related automation solutions. The secret of our success is our uncompromising focus on safety. What makes HIMA solutions unique is the combination of maximum safety and maximum availability - or, as we call it, “Safety. Nonstop.” That’s because only with safe, uninterrupted operation, our customers can achieve their business aims.

HIMA develops solutions for almost every safety-critical application: in process automation, for the rail sector and for logistics and machine safety. Our solutions are based on the ability to integrate safety solutions into almost any automation environment.

With the HIMA SAFETY LIFECYCLE concept HIMA customers get an overview of all functional safety requirements and always make the right decision at the right time.

That is how we help our worldwide customers to fulfil their legal, financial and moral responsibilities.


Optimum performance and cost-effectiveness and thus maximum effi ciency are indispensable in today‘s safety technology. With HIMA’s innovative and intelligent solutions, you can take the decisive step towards more safety and fl exibility at reduced costs.

The combination of the world‘s fastest safety-related controller HIMatrix and the world‘s fastest safety bus safeethernet offers convincing advantages:

  • Low total costs for automation
  • No need for a separate safety bus
  • Processing of safe and non-safe signals in one network
  • Maximum flexibility during planning, commissioning and retrofitting
  • One system technology for all requirements, in particular for time-critical applications
  • Higher availability as a result of faster error localisation and elimination

You can implement distributed automation concepts with only one centralised controller. All signals can be connected via remote I/O modules on site. You can also effi ciently implement distributed automation concepts with networked safety controllers. Any HIMatrix safety controller in the network takes over the higher-level control functions.

The two automation concepts can be fl exibly com - bined and exchanged at any time. safeethernet makes it possible to integrate safe and non-safe data in a standard Ethernet network without restricting safety. The number of busses to be installed is reduced; a complex installation of a separate safety bus is not required.

Result: Permanent maximum safety and minimum response times are guaranteed. Turn on efficiency. Make effectiveness and availability your main considerations when planning.


Features of HIMA's solution

  • System consists of
    extremely fast safety controllers and
    safe remote I/O modules

  • Safety-related networking
    via Ethernet with
    100 Mbit/s

  • All signals processed in
    one network

  • Flexible programming ensured by drag&drop software and additional
    TÜV approved function blocks

  • Communication via safeethernet, OPC, PROFIBUS DP
    Master & Slave,
    MODBUS RTU and
    TCP Master & Slave,
    Send & Receive TCP,
    Ether Net/IP,
    INTERBUS Master


Efficient right from the start.


The safety-related controllers and remote I/O modules of the HIMatrix range were primarily developed for distributed automation concepts. The integrated switch makes it possible to use them in various network topologies: line, tree structures and star structures. In general, Ethernet can also be used for creating ring structures.

High performance, compactness and straightforward mounting allows for the implementation of application solutions where the use of safety controllers has not been useful from a technical or cost-effective point of view so far.

The extensive hardware range and the safety-related networking of the systems via safeethernet guarantee an optimum adaptation to the respective system structure.


HIMatrix systems

  • SIL 3, PL e, Cat. 4
  • Fast, fl exible, compact
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Distributed applications
  • Applications with just a few I/O points

Engineering tools


    HIMatrix systems can be engineered
    using ELOP II Factory or SILworX,
    which include:

  • Function Block Diagrams
  • Sequential Function Charts
  • Certifi ed Function Block



Typical applications

   Process safety:

  • Pipelines
  • Distributed pharmaceuticals applications
  • BMS solutions for single and multiple burner systems
  • Decentralised Fire & Gas systems
  • Turbine monitoring
  • Wellhead control
  • Subsea applications

   Building automation:

  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke detection
  • Smoke removal
  • Escape-passage signalling

   Machine safety:

  • Stamping and pressing
  • Painting plants
  • Assembly plants
  • Robot cells
  • Conveyer systems
  • Amusement rides
  • Lifts
  • Locks and polders
  • Cable cars
  • Cranes
  • Packaging machines
  • Elevators and lifting tables

HIMax® is the first safety system designed to provide uninterrupted system operation throughout the entire life of the plant, while maximizing plant availability, productivity and safety. It is based on HIMA’s revolutionary nonstop XMR® technology that combines diagnostic-based SIL 3 safety integrity with a scalable fault tolerant architecture that eliminates false trips, provides for unlimited changes,modifications, expansions, upgrades and even regulatory proof testing without needing to take the plant off-line.

HIMax redefines what you can expect from a safety solution.

With HIMax we offer:

  • Maximum plant uptime
  • A solution that can increase output
  • Possibilities to reduce CAPEX/OPEX plus lifetime flexibility
  • Superior ease of use
  • Open platform integration with all leading DCS


HIMax systems

  • SIL 3, PL e, Cat. 4
  • Nonstop operation
  • Maximum performance
  • Maximum configuration flexibility for life
  • Different mechanical concepts
  • Mid-size and large applications


Engineering tool

  HIMax systems can be
  engineered using SILworX,
  which includes:

  • Function Block Diagrams
  • Sequential Function Charts


Typical applications

  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
  • Fire & Gas Systems (F&G)
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Pipeline Automation and Protection
  • Turbo Machinery Control (TMC)


Proven performance

Designed to provide maximum guaranteed safety, HIQuad solutions are an ideal choice for small and mid-size safety-critical applications requiring high levels of process availability. HIQuad solutions are available with different combinations of scalable availability at the I/O and CPU level. HIQuad systems are extremely fl exible and can be easily adapted to all application requirements.

List of modules

The H41q and H51q system families use the same extensive range of I/O modules. This allows them to be individually matched to application-specifi c requirements, and makes upgrades, obtaining spare parts, training and documentation much easier.

Maximum safety, scalable availability, highest cost-efficiency: since their launch, the H41q/H51q systems have become THE established standard for safe AND economical solutions in the processing industry.  H41q/H51q systems are ideal for small and mid-size safety-critical applications which require high levels of process availability. Success in these systems is based principally on three factors:

Absolute reliability

H41q/H51q systems are based on what has proven to be the world’s best safety technology. HIMA has installed more than 25,000 solutions and more safety systems than all of its rivals in the global processing industry . It’s the quality that has won the day.

Scalable availability

H41q/H51q systems offer the highest level of fault tolerance and therefore process availability. And the best thing is that HIQuad technology enables the systems’ fault tolerance to be adjusted individually, which means that cases of redundancy can always be set up specific to the application - making it more economical. Even in single-channel configurations - non-redundant, that is - the systems can be used up to SIL 3 without time limit.

High adaptive flexibility

H41q/H51q systems are extremely flexible and are easier and therefore efficient to adapt to individual application requirements.  

  • For for small and mid-size number of I/Os Compact H41q systems for up to 208 I/Os, modular H51q systems for as many as several thousand I/Os
  • For any type of I/O
    Wide range of I/O cards, analog /digital I/O cards, relay cards, counter and thermo-element cards, cards with integrated Ex-separation
  • For every availability requirement
    Invest only in what you need thanks to scalable redundancy. All of the components can be employed single, redundant or mixed - always  SIL 3
  • For centralised or distributed applications
    Stand-alone or safe networking via safeethernet.
  • For any DCS integration
    Integrated solutions for all leading control systems - solutions that have proven successful thousands of times over

HIQuad systems

  • SIL 3, Cat. 4
  • For highest faulttolerance requirements
  • Scalable redundancy
  • Central & distributed installations
  • Broad range of I/O modules


Engineering tool

HIQuad systems can be engineered using ELOP II, which include:

  • Function Block Diagrams
  • Sequential Function Charts



Typical applications

  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
  • Fire & Gas Systems (F&G)
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Pipeline Automation and Protection


 Planar 4

 Where ultimate safety counts

Planar4 systems integrate inputs, logic processing and outputs on every module. The application-specific programming of the sytems is accomplished without software, but instead with various wiring techniques such as solder, Termipoint or Wire Wrap on the backplane bus board. All modules can be used in a redundant structure in order to increase availability.

Planar4 is the only safety system in the world which can be used up to SIL4 in accordance with IEC 61508. Planar4 is the system of choice for automation processes involving extremely high risks to people, machines and the environment – where the utmost safety is of the utmost priority.

  • High-integrity pressure protection systems
  • Emergency stop systems on drilling platforms
  • Extremely time-critical safety circuits
  • Primary shut-down systems

Planar4 systems are programmed by means of wiring, which makes them extremely robust. Various wiring techniques are used for programming: solder, Termipoint, and Wire Wrap on the backplane bus board.

Input and output statuses, limits and time values can be transmitted via OPC-DA, PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS to control and visualisation systems.  Events – HIMA signals with time stamps, that is – are transmitted via RS485 Alarm&Event.

The integrated diagnostic routines ensure rapid  error signalling and easy trouble-shooting, even for untrained personnel. Remote diagnosis is possible in conjunction with the communication options. 

Planar4 – the Highlights

  • For use up to SIL4
  • MTBF > 200 years
  • Switching time 2-10 ms
  • Scalable redundancy
  • Communicates via OPC, PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS
  • Monitoring for open and short circuits
  • Space-saving 19” technology

Planar4 systems

  • SIL 4
  • For automated processes with extremely high potential risks
  • Scalable redundancy
  • Hardwired systems


Typical applications

  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Emergency stop systems on drilling platforms
  • Extremely time-critical safety circuits
  • Primary shutdown systems